I just wanted to say thank you for your support as we (my wife and I) went through the process of finding a franchise. As you know we started with another franchise broker. After our first call I knew that if we was going to take on a franchise it would be with your help. Your knowledge of the process was very helpful and you prepared us for each step. There is now doubt in my mind that we will be successful with our franchise choice and again I want thank you for your part in making that happen. Sincerely 

Bruce & Meryl W.

Having left my role as Vice President of Worldwide Operations at Immucor in May, 2013, I made the decision to take a step back and objectively evaluate what I wanted to do. I had gained confidence from experience and results that I could continue my career in the corporate world. At the same time, I recognized that there were many occasions during my corporate life where I felt frustrated with the politics and managing to hit quarterly targets based on external expectations rather than aggressive but realistic targets.

Since leaving the Navy in 1992, I always had a job and only left one company to take a job at the next company. I never had the time or gave myself the opportunity to evaluate alternatives to corporate life. Having the time now, I looked at career options down two parallel paths. One path was the traditional job search with target opportunities similar to my leadership role at Immucor. The other path, was going into business for myself, primarily franchising.

On the corporate front, I was fortunate to have multiple active opportunities during my search. It soon became clear though that I would likely have to relocate if I was going to find an opportunity at a level similar to the position I had just left. I was willing to relocate for the right opportunity but my wife and I decided that we would not relocate our daughter during her high school years. This would put me in a position of working remotely and seeing my family on weekends. This was a significant downside for us but the downside was countered by the fact that the jobs were attractive from a fit and compensation perspective.

On the franchise path, I asked for information on an in-home senior care business and got connected with a franchise consultant named Chris Mesker. Chris took the time up front to get to know me and to help determine suitable franchise options. Chris also took the time to explain his role and took the approach of providing education and support rather than one of selling. This was important to me as I don’t respond well to hard sell tactics and endevour to make decisions based on an objective assessment of facts and data.

Chris presented a handful of opportunities and I narrowed the list to 3 potentials based on my preference. Although a staffing business would not have been on my short list, Chris spoke very highly of the culture, transparency, integrity and franchise support at this particular staffing company. I was impressed with the information I reviewed and kept them on the short list. The other two candidates were an in-home senior care business and a shipping/logistics business. Initially, I would have ranked this staffing company #3 of 3 but as I worked through the discovery process, I saw them rise in my ranking.

This was due to several factors but primarily; 1. Of the people I spoke to on the phone, Paula came across as sincere, professional and process focused. She gave me a very good understanding of the business, how they compete, the keys to success as a Strategic Partner and how the home office supports the Strategic Partners. Gayle handled several calls for Paula and did an excellent job as well. 2. Paula took the time to define typical questions someone like myself might have. She then mapped out the process we would follow to answer them.

During my years leading operations, I became a strong advocate of Lean/6 Sigma. Integral to Lean/6Sigma is working to understand the “Voice of the Customer” then working to ensure you are adding value consistent with what they expect. It was clear to me that this staffing company had spent the time to understand this and tailor their discovery process to ensure a consistent and uniform delivery of the information we would value the most.  In my parallel calls with Chris Mesker, Chris talked to me about validation calls and how I should expect the franchisor to give me a list of existing franchisees to speak to. As I entered the validation call process, Paula took another approach and simply told me to call anyone listed in the FDD. I was initially taken aback by this but after given it some thought, their willingness to allow me to call anyone, speaks highly of their commitment to transparency.

Over the course of my validation calls, I happened to pick Strategic Partners who were at all levels of the performance spectrum. They included owners in start-up, owners at the bottom, middle of the road, and top of the performance ladder. Without exception, each person spoke highly of this staffing company’s commitment to supporting its Strategic Partners as well as a foundation of values and integrity by which it conducts its business. Furthermore, they uniformly stated that George was a man of integrity and that he could be counted on to walk the talk and do what he says he will do.

Spending my career in operations and leading others, I knew coming into this prospective business that I did not have the critical business to business sales experience. Therefore I was looking to see signs that there was a commitment to a process and that if followed, the process would lead to results. This came through very clearly in my discovery calls with Paula and Gayle as well as my validation calls with the Strategic Partners. Over the course of this process, I was able to see myself following the process and succeeding.

Looking back on my career, my proudest accomplishments centered on driving a positive culture focused on improvements in safety and quality while building stronger, self-sustaining teams. In short, I took the most satisfaction from the human side of the business. As I worked through the discovery process at at this staffing company , I began to see that my commitment to helping others and adding value to operations as an integral part of the culture and values at this company. 

 In summary, I came out of the discovery process with the conclusion that as a Franchisor this staffing company was focused on helping its Strategic Partners succeed in a manner consistent with a set values that are foundational to success. It was my conclusion that I could succeed in the business and that I could take pride in partnering with an organization that was always working to “consistently provide client experiences focused on what they value most.”

Mike P. 12/18/2013

“To Whom it may concern,

I have had the distinct privilege in knowing Chris Mesker as a Franchisee Consultant during my endeavors toward owning a Franchise. Chris made the entire process painless as well as seamless. He directed my actions in a constructive manner, which inevitably led to more questions. I was delighted that Chris was able to answer all of my questions and then directed me to other avenues to better understand the Franchise Process, which included personal evaluation forms as well as books. During this entire time there was a game plan that was carefully laid out, one which allowed integration of information without sensory overload. Chris knew how to manage my ability to assimilate information. Indeed, the process was faster than I would have predicted. It was also very helpful in that Chris was previously involved in a Home Care Business (the franchise that I ultimately partnered with).

Through the entire process I felt as if I knew Chris since childhood, which also helped assuage many fears of this new chapter in my life.(It also is great that he loves the USC Trojans, my Alma Mater for 18 years).

I would recommend Chris in any endeavor he undertakes as his knowledge, style and extremely personable character make him a pleasure to interact with professionally. At all times it was clear that I was his client and he would strive to make me happy both in the short and long term. I am sure I will stay in touch with Chris in the future.”

Dr Gary L. MD, Phd