Top Franchises

Top-Franchises-Roseville-CA-2Those looking for small businesses as a means to pursue their passion, supplement their income, or even potentially retire early often turn to the world of franchising. There are thousands of franchisors around the country, but many of them are new, unproven, and/or extremely time-intensive. Trying to explore the wide world of franchises on your own can considerably slow the process of starting your own business, and narrowing the list to only the top franchises by itself can take months. Even then, you are likely to find conflicting information or a list based only on financial criteria, such as average ROI or average gross sales. Conducting a search that way is likely to result in the selection of opportunities that prove a poor fit.

Chris Mesker of FranChoice, understands the importance of taking into consideration a wide range of criteria that include, but is not limited to, financial performance. He has already done the complex work of sorting through the seemingly endless possibilities and has his own list of top franchises based on the most important criteria to would-be entrepreneurs. That list by itself would be of tremendous value to anyone considering opening a franchise.

“Sure,” you might ask, “but could not I find a list of the top franchises online?” Yes and no.

Online lists are typically sortable based on specific data contained in businesses’ financial reports or survey results of various companies’ franchisees. The problem with the former is that different accounting practices can make data from various companies very difficult to compare. In the case of the latter, surveys often present data skewed either by the phrasing of questions or a non-representative pool of respondents. The problem with all of the data is that it is not customizable for the individual looking at it, i.e. the various factors involved cannot be weighted according to the goals, desires, and resources of the individual viewing it.

This is where Chris really begins to add the value of his years of experience. He takes time to get to know those who are considering opening businesses in the Sacramento and Roseville, CA areas. During that time, he also ensures that his clients also get to know themselves, especially since most that come to him really don’t. His proprietary methods help aspiring entrepreneurs to identify exactly why they want to open a business, what they are willing to put into it, what they hope to get out of it, how much risk exposure they are willing to take, etc. Based on those criteria, he either suggests that they reconsider their decision to start a business if doing so for the wrong reasons or without a full understanding of what doing so entails. Or he presents them with several options and lets you choose which 3 or 4 you like the best. For those who prove good candidates for entrepreneurship, this process by itself saves months of research and consideration.

The services of FranChoice Consultants do not stop there, though. Once FranChoice and the entrepreneur have settled on the right franchise, we will make the introductions necessary to maximize the likelihood of success. From a critical meeting with the franchisor to access those who can assist with the critical logistical issues associated with opening a business, such as legal and accounting services, regulatory compliance, etc., the candidates will find doors that are invisible to most, opened wide to them. This is why those who work with Chris and FranChoice to open one franchise frequently come back when they are ready for more.

Those in the Sacramento and Roseville, CA areas who are considering starting their own businesses would do well to give Chris a call to arrange a meeting. Whether you are committed to opening a franchise or just interested in exploring the possibility, give him a call today at (916) 409-3947 to arrange a meeting. We’d love to learn more about you and help you get from where you are to where you want to be.