Small Business Ideas

Small-Business-Ideas-Roseville-CA-2In this economy, even frugal couples are often finding that two full-time incomes is not enough to get them financially ahead.  With overtime, a second job, and even sometimes a third one, they may manage to put away some money, but they are well aware that salaried jobs simply will not be enough to give them the financial security and comfort that they desire.  Worse, the volatility and fraud in the stock market has left them uneasy about investing in Wall Street.  That is when they should start exploring small business ideas.

FranChoice Consultants is here to help anyone in the Sacramento and Roseville, CA areas when they find themselves in such situations.  Starting a small business is not an easy task.  It is filled with countless potential pitfalls, making it extremely difficult for those who have never before owned a business to get up and running.  Even selecting what kind of business they want to own can be a major challenge due to the uncertainties associated with each of them.  Once a business is chosen, new challenges, from adequate insurance coverage to legal protection to government regulations, continue to arise.  In some cases, the business owners don’t realize that there is a problem until it’s too late.  The consequences of such circumstances could be dire.

Many of these issues can be avoided by opening a profitable franchise business.  Starting a franchise, sometimes called “a business in a box”, means that you will be working with an established company that has a proven business model.  Did you ever notice that McDonald’s is pretty much the same no matter where in the world you go?  Yes, there may be slight menu variations from country to country, and not every one of them has precisely the same layout, but the color scheme, the menu, the floor plan, the uniforms, and the ingredients are all pretty much the same in every location.  Working with a franchisor who has already addressed all of these questions saves you the trouble of creating, implementing, improving, and revising a business plan and instead lets you focus on executing one that’s already in place.  That is why FranChoice Consultants chooses to focus on franchising.  We seek to maximize the prospects of success for those who come to us looking to own their own businesses while minimizing their exposure to the difficulties that cause so many small businesses to fail.

While going the franchise route is in many ways easier and less risky than choosing to start a unique business, successfully opening one has its own unique challenges.  Children who open lemonade stands can be in business less than an hour after they decide to do so. Start up costs are minimal.  The business type has been chosen.  There are no applications to fill out, and their choice of location is typically limited to their front lawn.   Those seeking to make more money than a lemonade stand, though, are not so lucky.

Many couples think that the process begins with choosing a franchise, but that is simply not the case.  The first question that needs to be answered is whether business ownership in general, and franchise ownership in particular, is the right decision for them.  For some couples, turning their unique idea into a business could be the right way to go.  Others may settle on franchise ownership.  The third category, though, is those for whom business ownership is not the best idea.  Those falling into this category could include couples who are not ready to put any money at risk, the ones that fail to appreciate the work involved in franchise ownership, and the ones who start a franchise thinking that it’s a way to get rich quick.  The process used by FranChoice Consultants can help determine into which of the three categories fits.

With so many things to consider even early in the process of sorting through several small business ideas, new entrepreneurs would do well to seek out the advice of those who have been there before.  Chris Mesker and his team at FranChoice Consultants are ready to help individuals and couples determine whether they should open a business and, if so, which one is right for them.  If you and your partner live in the Sacramento and Roseville, CA area, give us a call today at (916) 409-3947 to see whether business ownership is right for you.