Franchises for Sale

Franchises-For-Sale-Roseville-CA-2With so many franchises for sale today, finding the right fit can be difficult for aspiring entrepreneurs. With a seemingly endless number of opportunities available and so many different factors to consider, attempting to go through the process on one’s own can prove extremely costly in terms of both time and money. Those looking to open a top franchise can often become so overwhelmed with the possibilities that they simply give up. Even many of those who are ultimately successful in opening their business can discover after several months, or even years, and thousands of dollars that they chose the wrong franchise for them.

FranChoice Consultants is here to ensure that our clients in the Placer, El Dorado, Sacramento and Roseville, CA areas avoid many of the mistakes that so many others have made before you and help you to find the franchise opportunity that is best suited for your needs. The first and most important thing that we will do with those who seek our help is sit down with them and make sure that they are really suited to owning a business, especially a franchise. Many potential business owners attempt to get started with the goal of “making lots of money”. This overly simplistic approach ignores the significant financial, emotional, time, and effort commitments that go into starting and operating a franchise. At best, these franchises earn a fair amount of money, but the franchisee is left dissatisfied with his choice. At worst, these franchises fail quickly, becoming nothing more than a very costly mistake.

Should we establish that the person coming to us is well-suited for franchise ownership, we proceed to get a better understanding of what they want out of the process. Using our proprietary process, we ask probing questions that force the entrepreneur to seriously examine their values, their experience, how much time and money they are prepared to commit to a franchise, and what they hope to get out of the experience. Each person who comes to us has a unique situation, entering the process with different goals, passions, financial status, amounts of time, etc. All of these things and more must be taken into consideration during the process of selecting the best franchise(s) for that individual. We then take that information and match it with our franchise profiles, figuring out which ones match the individual’s core values, as well as the ones most likely to approve their franchise application.

Once we have determined the right fit(s) for the prospective franchisee, we begin the relevant application process(es). FranChoice has connections with hundreds of different franchises that are looking for franchisees who make the best partners for their businesses. Those businesses need us to find such people because it saves them time and effort sorting through the sometimes hundreds of inquiries they receive each week. They trust our judgment, gained from years of experience of owning franchises, and our integrity, knowing that we will not bring them prospective franchisees who are a poor fit just for the sake of making money. That is why those people who apply to franchise ownership with our help stand a much greater chance of success than those attempting to navigate the process on their own.

In addition to helping with franchisor introductions, FranChoice is also able to help individuals find the help they need with various aspects of the franchise-opening process. This can include legal assistance, financing resources, regulatory experts, etc. In each case, our relationship with the relevant experts can open doors that would otherwise be shut to anonymous members of the public.

Chris Mesker is ready to help would-be entrepreneurs in the Sacramento and Roseville, CA areas realize their dreams of owning their own businesses. He can help sort through the countless franchises for sale, find just the right opportunity for the franchisee, and then help them through the application process. If you’re considering opening a franchise but are not quite sure how to go about it, give us a call today at (916) 409-3947 so we can help you figure it out.