Best Franchises

Best-Franchises-Roseville-CA-11When a couple decides to buy a new home, they typically don’t go looking for “the best houses” because such an endeavor would be an exercise in futility. What exactly are “the best houses”? Are they the ones that are closest to one of their work places? Are they the ones with the nicest yards? Maybe they’re the most expensive houses, or the ones that are the most energy efficient. A cursory glance at the countless possibilities begins to reveal just how inane the question is. Unfortunately, though, many aspiring entrepreneurs approach the issue of starting a business by seeking out “the best franchises”, failing to consider the myriad of definitions that could apply.

Couples looking to start new businesses in the Sacramento and Roseville, CA, especially those considering opening franchises need not find themselves in such a dilemma. Chris Mesker is highly experienced in entrepreneurship. Not only did he have his own financial planning firm but he owned his own franchise and also served as the lead developer for a property management franchise and 2 large senior care franchise systems, so he has the knowledge to help you avoid some costly mistakes.

Chris understands that the ideal franchise for one person could be completely different than that of another. As such, his company employs a proprietary system that helps them get to know couples, and helps potential franchise owners to get to know themselves. He asks questions that help determine whether owning a franchise is right for them, and if it is, what exactly they want to get out of it. Husbands and wives often agree that franchise ownership is a great idea, but they fail to notice that they have wildly different ideas about why that is. Those who fail to address these differences before settling on one can find themselves in an awkward situation that could threaten the business, or even their relationship.

Some of the questions that Chris and FranChoice addresses with couples include how much money they want to spend in a franchise, how much they want to get out of it, how time-intensive the venture should be both in the long-term and in the short-term, and whether the purpose of the business is simply to make money or to help one or both of them pursue a passion. Each partner’s answers will play an important role in the decision of whether to open a franchise and if so, which one. In some cases Chris will be able to help them select one or more franchises that meet their needs. Should their responses conflict on critical aspects of business ownership, they may be asked to return after they have had the opportunity to discuss it privately.

Once the people involved have settled on questions of time, money, effort, core values, etc., Chris will present them with one or more franchise opportunities that meet their needs. He will explain to them the process of applying to each of the franchisors and help them to understand what they will need to do in order to get their business up and running. In many cases, people find that they don’t have enough knowledge, experience, or connections to deal with some of the more complex issues involved, such as obtaining legal assistance, insurance, financing, etc. Should this be the case, Chris and FranChoice will open up doors for them through an immense network of connections, introducing them to the best people to help with their specific needs. In many cases, these people prove the difference between not being able to start a franchise and opening the doors in a few months.

If you or a couple you know are considering starting a business, keep in mind the process you went through when you bought your home. Don’t get stuck looking for “the best franchises in Sacramento and Roseville”, but instead seek out the help you need to find the best franchise(s) for you and your partner. We look forward to getting to know you and help you get started in the franchise that best suits you. To make that happen, please call us at (916) 409-3947 to schedule an appointment.