My Background:

Mr. Mesker spent 10 years as financial advisor with his NASD licenses series 7, 63, 65 and 6, where he managed millions of dollars in assets. In 1999 he sold his stake in his firm he help founded. Mr. Mesker is proud to be in remission from cancer. During this phase in his life, he chose to take a few years off to help raise his young children. However semi-retirement caught up with him and in 2005 he found it necessary to get back to work, which led him to his first experience in franchising. He has owned his own franchise and understands what it means to be a business owner and to follow a system to be successful. For the past 5 years, Mr Mesker was also the lead developer for 2 large senior care franchise systems and a large property management franchise. This experience along with the small business ownership allows him to put himself in your shoes and help you understand the pros and cons of franchising. Mr. Mesker is an avid cyclist, fisherman and cook. He loves water skiing, boating and nature. He is married with 3 children and lives in Northern California.


What I do:

I am a recruiter for some of the top franchise systems. Companies like Subway, Supercuts or Molly Maids are looking for leaders to protect their brand name. Our services simply assist prospective candidates with a detailed education process to see if franchise ownership is right for you. We walk you through researching and selecting available franchise businesses that best suit desired lifestyles and financial goals. The best part of this process is you don’t pay me a penny and the education you get is priceless. I match individuals with franchise partners. Franchisers are looking for the right partner. So I screen candidates for them.


We coach candidates through the process of researching franchises by:

  • First, using a variety of proprietary methods and tools we administer to understand your particular situation and unique profile
  • Second, helping identify suitable franchise concepts that best-match your personal and professional goals plus your level of financial investment
  • Third, guiding you through the franchise validation process with the franchiser and their franchisees
  • Finally, introducing you to top industry experts to help you through the various considerations (legal, lending, HR, etc) of starting your franchise business.