Our Process

1 Schedule a Call

It all starts with having a good understanding of you. Your thinking, your goals and the results you want to create.


2 Synthesize your Thinking

We look into your “rear view mirror” of work and leadership experience. Using our award-winning process we create your customized Core Values Blueprint.


3 Search for “Fit”

We suggest specific franchise companies you may want to learn more about that fit your personal values.

You research and learn more about the franchise opportunities we’ve identified as a “fit” from your Core Values Blueprint.


4 Select Franchises

Now, you research the opportunities right for you. We continue to educate you with research guides and professional referrals.

We guide you through your meetings with franchise companies. Plus we offer professional referrals to franchise attorneys, the financial community and industry experts who can help you.


Connecting High Potential Franchise Investors
with High Potential Franchise Systems