Most Profitable Franchises

Most-Profitable-Franchises-Roseville-CA-2Many people who are considering entrepreneurship look at franchises. Although buying a franchise can be expensive, the guidance provided by a good franchiser typically proves its worth. Even so, those considering this investment vehicle ought not to simply go to #1 on a list of the most profitable franchises and file an application. Taking that approach could end up dooming a franchisee to failure even before he begins.

To be sure, financial considerations are at or near the top of the list of most people who look at buying a franchise, and rightly so. Starting a business requires very significant investments of time and money, and owners should not even consider making such investments without having a reasonable expectation. Even if someone’s primary goal in buying a franchise is the ability to pursue their passion, there are much better ways to do so if the risk of starting a business does not offer the potential opportunity to create income.

Having said that, starting and owning a franchise is much like a job insofar as the owner needs not love it – as much as it helps if he does – but he should at least not hate it. For example, if someone is a vegetarian for moral reasons, they would do well to steer away from opening a Wendy’s. At best, they would find themselves with a profitable business that costs them sleep at night. At worst, they will subconsciously sabotage that business, losing all of the valuable time and money they put into it. Similarly, those who are looking to keep their full-time jobs should not open franchises that require hands-on owners. Even if the business is profitable, its owner could end up working upwards of eighty hours per week. Unless that person absolutely loves both their job and their business, that can only last for so long.

How, then, is an entrepreneur in the Sacramento and Roseville, CA areas supposed to choose a franchise? The short answer is: with help.

The Entrepreneur Authority, under the leadership of Chris Mesker, works with many of the most profitable franchises to help them find franchisees that are good fits for their companies. He understands how important core values play in the success of new businesses and is ready to help aspiring entrepreneurs through the daunting process of finding the right franchisor, applying for a new franchise, and meeting many of the challenges associated with getting the new business started.

To do so, consultants at TEA take time to get to know clients by sitting down with them and asking difficult questions about why they want to open a new business, how much time and money they are prepared to invest both in the short-term and the long-term, what their goals for the business are, how much business experience they have, etc. His clients often find themselves surprised by their own answers in evaluating whether they want to open a franchise and, if so, which franchise. While not everybody is a good candidate for opening their own business, those who are not benefiting from Chris’s expertise may struggle for months or years walking down the wrong path, with Chris they may learn that it would be best for them if they spent that time on another pursuit.

Those who are good candidates love working with Chris because he saves them so much time and effort. He works with them to find the most profitable franchises that meet their needs and introduces them to people in those companies. He also opens up his vast rolodex to connect the candidates with the resources they need to get their businesses up and running. These services include legal assistance, regulatory experts, financing resources, etc. Those who work with him save countless hours by taking advantage of his connections and expertise.

If you’re interested in owning one of the most profitable franchises in the Sacramento and Roseville areas, give Chris a call today at (916) 409-3947. He would love to speak with you about your current situation and your reasons for wanting to open a business. Just think about it: you could be his next success story!