Four Giants: Which Franchise Do You Most Align With?

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In Harry Potter, students at the wizarding school, Hogwarts, are sorted into one of four houses that best suits their character. But what if franchise entrepreneurs could be similarly sorted into businesses that best suit them, as well?         


At the very top of Entrepreneur’s Top 500 Franchises at 2014 were four giants: Anytime Fitness, Hampton Hotels, Subway, and Supercuts.



Which one do you fit into most?


1. Anytime Fitness. This company values simplicity with modernity, allowing their customers to have a cheap and easy way to access gym facilities. On top of this, they promote personal well-being and skill development through classes on personal relationships and financing. Even more, they’re all about the individual: for members who take a picture of a tattoo that represents their journey to improved health, Anytime Fitness will reimburse them for it. Talk about a company that cares for their customers.


2. Hampton Hotels. Catering to budget-minded consumers, this hotel franchise will appeal to business and leisure members of the marketplace who still have an appreciation for the established quality associated with the Hampton brand. Simply put, Hampton offers value at a reasonable price – all while provide high speed internet and hot breakfast to keep their customers coming back for more.


3. Subway. Healthy. Or at least healthier. That’s what Subway’s business has been focused upon, and it’s the type of customer they want: someone who’s looking to eat better than regular fast food, while taking care of their bodies. Subway customers are all about self-preservation – losing weight, keeping it off, and taking care of their bodies. And at a low cost, Subway customers value the cheap price.



4. Supercuts. Supercuts is focused on hiring the best talent, and to ensure the quality of hair cutting is consistent across all their franchise locations. They pride themselves on top recruitment, along with educating their staff to keep them up on the latest trends. Above all, Supercuts believes in customer retention and loyalty; they’re committed to value and convenience, and serving customers who have places to go and want affordable service.